Desk to Dinner

Desk to Dinner

 Picture this…. You’ve just planned to have dinner with your friends after work, or maybe a spontaneous date. You are in no mood after a long hard day at work to be dragging another set of heels around with you- so what do you do?  

You invest in a pair of heels that you can wear from desk to dinner without all that hassle of extra baggage, add in comfort and fantastic quality leather and you’ve got the perfect shoe!

Stylish, Sleek and Sexy are the three words every woman needs to bear in mind when she’s choosing that pair of heels for work and party! 


Here are our Top three ‘S’ picks! 

HISPANITAS- Hafwen  $219.95


Hafwen is super stylish and sleek, it's minimal detail of the silver detail across the toe sets the mood for any desk to dinner occasion 


Hugo & Co - Valere  $199.95


Italian leather perfection with a  perfect 3 inch heel for the woman on the go from meeting to meeting! 


HOGL  -  HIMOP $279.95

Sick of just another pair of black heels? Spice it up a little with this beautiful pastel detail along the back. Perfect from day to night!