We are proud to introduce Beau Coops' first season with Hugo Sheppard! Designed in Sydney and made in Italy Beau Coops are slowly rising to fame with their unique directional designs. Featured in magazines all around the world Beau Coops are definitely building a loyal following- and they can include us as one of them! Here are our top 5 Beau Coops picks for this Winter:

HARVEY by Beau Coops

The Harvey is our top selling Beau Coop boot. With a slanted heel silhouette and snug ankle fit this is one to get before it sells out!

CHAP by Beau Coops

These laceless Beau Coops flats are the new take on the classic oxford and features a contrast of smooth and pebbled leather.

WARDOR by Beau Coops

DEVON by Beau Coops

The Wardor is our favourite heel by Beau Coops, a dainty lace up featuring metallic detailing and an open heel.

The Devon boot will turn heads this winter with its unique pearl detailing, contrast leather upper and a chunky stacked heel.

BEAU 5 by Beau Coops

The most popular Beau Coop boot that is a staple every season - the Beau 5 is now available at Hugo in 3 colours. With it's contrast toe cap and stud detailing down the back this ankle boot is a versatile boot that transcends seasons.