Bag Lady!

Let’s face it: Handbags are a girl’s home away from home, so having a bag that has the capacity to store all of your essentials and look extra stylish is ultra important. The ideal handbag is both practical and stylish. And, like most things in your closet, a handbag comes with a shelf life. So don’t be afraid to try new styles and branch out from your go-to comfort colours.

This season at Hugo Sheppard & Co we have just received lots of fabulous new bags, made from the highest quality leather in Spain. These are available in a variety of lots of colours to bring a lease of life to your wardrobe.

Here are our Top 5 styles, from our new brand DIMONI available to buy in store now.

N006ST $199.95

Q105ST $149.95

 Q110ST $149.95

 Q116ST $199.95

Q105ST $149.95