Summer Style Edit

After weeks and week of waiting, it finally feels like Melbourne can shake off its winter coats and boots and get ready for summer! Dresses, bathing suits and sandals are on the top of our shopping lists and here at Hugo we have lots of stylish and comfortable footwear to get you through the heat.

Here are some of the styles that we'll be rocking this season.

Carla, in Blush leather, Dept of Finery $149.95                                                                 Aidan, in Tan suede, Dept of Finery $139.95

 Anya, In Sky Leather, Dept of Finery $149.95                                              Bleeker, in Silver leather, Dept of Finery $169.95

 Rise, in Black leather, Zoe Kratzmann, $299.95                                     Grove, in white/black lizard leather, Zoe Kratzmann, $269.95

 Matilda, in Black leather, Kat Maconie $329.95                                        Georgia in Nude Leather, Kat Maconie $359.95

Gemi by Charles Cooper $169.95